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* All-inclusive surrogacy packages. Fixed agency fee. Terms & Conditions apply.

Surrogate Baby offers gestational surrogacy packages as a range of professional services:


Finding Best Matches




Representing Client's Interests


Coordinating Medical Part


Managing Surrogate's Pregnancy


Providing Legal Support


Administering and Reporting

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Why choose Surrogate Baby?

Location & Pricing

The agency implements gestational surrogacy programs in Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Kaliningrad (Russia). All three cities are only a few hours away by airplane, train, bus and private vehicles for the potential clients living in Europe. Of course, we’re also happy to welcome new clients from overseas – Asia, the Americas and Australia!

Surrogate Baby’s gestational surrogacy packages’ cost is roughly 2–3 times lower, as compared to the similar price-quality deals in the United States.

The total agency fee is fixed by the signed agency contract; it cannot be changed. The charges and fees, additional compensations and eventual expenses are transparent and agreed upon in the contract. There is no such thing as hidden costs or taxes

Top-Level Service

There is no waiting list for our new clients. The process will commence immediately after signing the agency contract. It takes about 60-90 days for us to arrange fertilization (IVF, ICSI) and the first embryo transfer (ET) to the selected surrogate mother.

On average, the time period to complete your surrogacy program, from the start up to the live birth, is in the range between 15 to 18 months.

The agency will deliver anything you might need throughout the process. For the 100% success guarantee we also provide services like preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), gender selection and embryo transportation from abroad

Best Practices

The Russian law system clearly regulates commercial agreements between the surrogate mother and the intended parents. Surrogacy is legal, and also, it may be a subject of business relations. International clients are recognized as the legal parents of the baby at the civil registry office.

Thus, no court procedure, nor adoption will be required for you to keep the newborn and leave Russia. The child will be legally yours by agreement, avoiding the necessity to prove it in court, etc.

Usually it takes between 10 and 20 days for the legalization process with the Russian immigration authorities and your consulate. During this period of time you’ll get birth certificate and passport for your surrogate baby. Once you’ve got the newborn’s passport, you’re free to buy the return ticket and travel back home

Feedback from our clients

As a new parent, experiencing no sleep at nights, in a foreign country where no one understand what you try to say, and full days of paper work, it is comforting to know that Surrogate Baby Consulting personnel are available with short notice 24/7, the whole stay. Surrogate Baby Consulting gives you a support service that includes translations and guidance in restaurants, shopping, Russian paper administration work and formal translations, taxi and subway guidance, hospital service etc. etc. They give you your right hand support, to hold on to, in all different possible situations that may arise during your stay A couple from Sweden

Nach der Geburt unserer Tochter möchten wir uns herzlich bei Euch bedanken. Nach einem langen harten Weg der vor 4 Jahren in der Ukraine begonnen hat, sind wir endlich am Ziel angekommen. Nach vielen Versuchen in der ukrainischen Klinik und der Gesetzesänderung, wart Ihr uns eine sehr große Hilfe beim Transport der Embryonen nach St. Petersburg. Ohne den ganzen Support wären wir vielleicht heute noch nicht am Ziel angelangt. Schon zu beginn unseres Wechsels zu Euch, haben wir gleich Professionalität, Vertrauen und Flexibilität gespürt. Für alles was Ihr für uns getan habt, möchten wir Euch ein ganz großes DANKESCHÖN aussprechen Markus und André

Es en un país extranjero donde el idioma es muy difícil y la cantidad de papeles que hay que realizar, sería imposible llevarlo adelante sin el asesoramiento y acompañamiento del personal de Surrogate Baby Consulting que está siempre disponible.

Es un camino intenso que hay que recorrer, pero no hay que desanimarse, vale la pena cuando miro a los ojos a mis hijas.

Muchísimas gracias a todo el equipo, los voy a recomendar para que continúen ayudando a otras personas, su deseo de ser padres. Madre soltera de Argentina

Baby girl, born in October 2018