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Surrogate Baby proudly presents the online database service to help you find an appropriate Surrogate Mother or Egg Donor candidate

Surrogate Mothers

Egg Donors

Free Access for Clients

The online database service is available free of charge for our clients as part of each gestational surrogacy package. It enables intended parents to get access to profiles of dozens of potential candidates and search for the lady that is going to be the perfect match for your family project.

Each candidate profile in the database contains detailed personal information and a photo. Additional information on a particular candidate can be provided upon client’s request. There are also search and sort tools allowing the client to filter and select the candidates from the database by the following parameters: 

  • availability and current status;
  • date and place of birth;
  • blood type and Rh;
  • body height and weight;
  • hair color;
  • eye color;
  • city and country of residence;
  • marital status and total number of marriages;
  • total number of own children;
  • education level;
  • occupation;
  • previous experience as surrogate mother and/or egg donor, etc.

A client may select and reserve one or several appropriate candidates in the database for their program.

Paid Instant Access for Guests

Paid instant access to the database is also available for our guests. The guest access offers unlimited profile previews without signing an agency contract and, thus, with no eligibility to make a reservation of candidates in the database.