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Gestational Surrogacy

Girls You Can Trust

Finding a surrogate mother has never been easier. Our Online Database contains dozens of fit and sane candidates from different regions of Russia, aged between 20 and 35 y.o., rigorously vetted by medical and psychological tests

All-Inclusive Deal

The Agency will take care of the process at all stages: organizing the medical part, coordinating pregnancy follow-up and delivery, providing legal assistance and counselling till you can finally travel back home with your baby

Docs with No Stress

Russian legislation offers an easy way to receive a valid birth certificate with the names of both Intended Parents. No court procedure is required. The name of the surrogate mother will not be mentioned

Fully Transparent

Follow our work and the development of pregnancy by means of regular text reports, photos, videos, ultrasound scans and a personal blog of your surrogate mother

Cutting-Edge Reproduction Technology

Gestational surrogacy is one of the most advanced assisted reproduction technologies the world can enjoy in the 21st century. Fertility issues of most people on Earth can be easily solved by using surrogacy. LGBT people have got real a chance of creating a family and raising their own kids. Straight childless couples and women with certain health issues now can become loving and caring parents, which in the long run brings us into a lot better, more stable and more balanced society

Best Practices for Our Clients


Every gestational surrogacy program is a complex medical, social and juridical concept that involves cooperation of dozens of people for a prolonged period of time, such as several months or a few years. We at Surrogate Baby Consulting (SBC LLC) are fully committed to implementing our clients’ dreams. We see it very important that our clients’ programs successfully finish with the live birth of a surrogate baby (babies). Our team used the best knowledge and experience in order to design four boutique surrogacy package deals that would satisfy miscellaneous needs of our clients – married straight couples, LGBT couples and single parents

Two Years Money Back Guarantee

We are proud to offer our clients a unique Refund Guarantee service included with some of the all-inclusive Surrogacy Packages. A client is eligible for a refund, if there is still no pregnancy of the Surrogate Mother after at least four failed embryo transfer (ET) attempts after at least two years from the contract signing

Pristine Environment of the Baltics

Although we’re searching for the appropriate ladies all over Russia, our surrogacy programs at the stage of pregnancy always take place in St. Petersburg or Kaliningrad. Surrogate mothers from other cities and towns have to relocate here for the entire duration of the program, either with their own kids, or alone. The agency rents a separate apartment for each surrogate mother. All women are under care of selected qualified doctors we work together with. Carrying your child in the environmentally safe area near the Baltic Sea ensures that he or she will be born 100% healthy

Always Going Your Way

There is a personal touch for every surrogacy program we implement on behalf of our clients. Listening to the clients’ needs and reading their mind is what really makes our agency a unique venue on the Russian market. Our surrogacy packages include all the essential elements. However, one can always personalize their experience by purchasing additional services and insurance options at any stage of the process

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