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Basic Surrogacy Package


from 54,500 €


1 IVF round. Using biological material of Intended Parent(s) and/or donor(s)

2 CRYO years. Cryopreservation and storage of the produced embryos for future use

3 ET attempts. With fresh and/or frozen embryos, 45-65% success rate per each attempt




Premium Surrogacy Package


from 64,500 €


∞ IVF rounds. Eligible Intended Parents should be ≤39 y.o., when delivering biological material

∞ CRYO years. Refund Guarantee, if Surrogate Mother didn’t become pregnant after ≥4 ET attempts within ≥2 years

∞ ET attempts. Unlimited number of attempts is available, until Surrogate Mother becomes pregnant




Biparental Surrogacy Package


from 59,500 €


2 IVF rounds. Using sperm samples of two Intended Fathers and egg cells of the only Egg Donor (egg donation is extra)

3 CRYO years. Cryopreservation and storage of embryos of both Intended Fathers

3 ET attempts. With two embryos per attempt, one from each Intended Father, transferred to the only Surrogate Mother

This unique package is created for gay couples willing to get the kids of both partners carried and born at the same time. Obligatory medical check-up for both Intended Fathers before contract signing. Terms and conditions apply.





2-in-1 Surrogacy Package


from 79,500 €


1×2 IVF rounds. One IVF round using sperm of each of the two Intended Fathers

3×2 CRYO years. Cryopreservation and storage of embryos for each of the two Intended Fathers

3×2 ET attempts. Using embryos of every Intended Father, transferred to two corresponding Surrogate Mothers

This package has been crafted for couples willing to hire two different Surrogate Mothers at the same time. By doing so, the partners get an improved success rate of pregnancy and save 20% compared to purchasing two packages separately. Terms and conditions apply.




Services and Fees included in every Surrogacy Package

Surrogate Mother

any medical costs during the entire program;

any legal expenses for assistance and counselling;

monthly payment during the pregnancy;

maternity clothes allowance;

compensation for participation (upon delivery);

transportation and relocation costs;

apartment rent expenses;

services of a personal coordinator;

psychologist services;

babysitter services (as needed)


Intended Parents

costs of initial medical check-up;

costs of cryopreservation and storage of sperm sample;

expenses to arrange airport transfer to / from the hotel


all applicable agency fees;

all applicable taxes

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