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🕑 From December 1st, 2014 till January 15th, 2015

Your Surrogacy Program with Success Guarantee


Dear Intended Parents and All Those Interested,

we are proud to announce the start of the annual X-Mas promotion by Surrogate Baby (SBC LLC) – one of the leading agencies in Russia dealing with fertility issues (surrogacy, egg donation, sperm donation, transport of embryos).

This year we have put together a special offer for our all-inclusive Guaranteed Surrogacy Package that is now available for all categories of intended parents regardless of their age. The usual age limit no longer applies during the promotion period. As requested by the most of our customers, we would like to provide you with more advanced service to make our cooperation as smooth as possible, so we have included some additional insurance options in our offer for your convenience.

If you sign the contract with us until January 15th, 2015, we will offer you the all-inclusive Guaranteed Surrogacy Package along with the Personalized Egg Donation for only EUR 55,000 (the Guaranteed Surrogacy package without egg donation – EUR 50,000). All costs of your surrogacy program are included (medical costs, legal costs, transport and accommodation costs for the surrogate mother, compensation of the surrogate mother and the egg donor, agency fee and all taxes).

As part of the promotion, the intended parents also get:

  • medical consultation at the fertility clinic in Saint Petersburg, medical screening at the clinic, legal counselling prior to contract signing and airport transfers – FREE!
  • unlimited number of IVF rounds and unlimited number of embryo transfers to the surrogate mother up to achievement of a successful developing pregnancy – thus, the probability of a pregnancy is close to 99%
  • the opportunity to cancel the surrogacy program and to get back all the paid funds, if the pregnancy of the surrogate mother doesn’t occur after at least four embryo transfers within two years after the contract signing
  • no additional costs in case of birth of twins or triplets – the probability of twins for the IVF kids is about 35%

Summary: Guaranteed Surrogacy Package (regular price EUR 52,500),
Personalized Egg Donation (regular price EUR 7,500) and
Insurance Option for Twins / Triplets (regular price EUR 5,000)
= just EUR 55,000

As before, our services as part of the promotion are payable in three easy steps:

1st instalment – EUR 25,000 – after contract signing
2nd instalment – EUR 15,000 – after pregnancy confirmation of the surrogate mother
3rd instalment – EUR 15,000 – after the successful delivery of your baby by the surrogate mother
(if you do not need egg donation, the first instalment for you will be EUR 5,000 less)

In case you do not wish to start your surrogacy program this year, you also have a chance to fix the price of this special offer for 2015 and 2016. For this purpose you can make an advance payment of EUR 10,000 until January 15th, 2015, which will be credited as part of the 1st instalment after the signing of the main contract.

You may send any questions regarding this promotion by email

If surrogacy is the last option for you to make your dream come true, please do not waste valuable time and do not miss the chance to benefit from our best offer ever.

We look forward to meeting you in person and to accompany you on your first visit to St. Petersburg.

–Kind regards, your expert team at Surrogate Baby (SBC LLC)