About Us

Surrogate Baby® is the brand name and property owned by SB Consulting Limited Liability Company (SBC LLC).

We are a leading international surrogacy agency that operates in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, and Kaliningrad, Russian Federation.

Since our founding in 2013, we have been offering numerous family projects that boast the most advanced assisted reproduction technologies. We focus on complex gestational surrogacy programs such as the following:

  • in-vitro fertilization
  • egg donation
  • sperm donation
  • cryogenic freezing and storage
  • genetic screening
  • gender selection of embryos.

At Surrogate Baby, you can choose from a variety of service packages to meet your unique needs. All our surrogacy programs are concise and straightforward. The programs each differ in small ways, but they are all-inclusive. The common goal of each program is to end up with a single live birth or twins.

Our skilled team of medical professionals is dedicated to the success of each family project. We are here for you throughout the administration process offering legal support and language assistance. Our services are available to parents all over the world – singles, and couples

Rest assured, you are never alone!

We accompany you every step of the way on your journey towards having a baby to call your own. Our emphasis is on fairness and transparency.
We know that starting a family requires a combination of strength and love. Let us take care of the organizational part!