We don’t have enough words to express our deep thankfulness to Surrogate Baby agency to help us to fulfill our family. My partner and I had waited for more than 9 years, used seven different agencies, were in ten different countries to have our daughter now.

Our experience with Surrogacy Baby was fabulous from the very first phone call. Slava spoke to me personally for the initial interview. I was so touched as he said and promised that our program will not be taken longer than 18 months. As he said, our program ended very successfully only after 15 months. We are kind of stunned by how fast it has gone however it doesn’t feel rushed but organized and professional.

As our program started, everyone was wonderful to work with. The team gave good advice, handled matters perfectly and found us a great surrogate mother that passed medical test right away. Slava made this whole process so easy for us after we had such a hard time before. The team was able to pick up on my needs and responded although it took even days to have his reply.

Our surrogate mother and her beautiful support were amazing. She was personable, caring, supportive and responsible for anything what she did. Surrogate Baby Team did a great job in matching couples with surrogates based upon their expectation and personalities.

In conclusion, working with Surrogate Baby was the best experience for us and as now we have a beautiful, healthy baby girl. We would definitely recommend Surrogate Baby agency to couples who may consider starting a family but may need an assistance

A couple from Germany