Gestational Surrogacy

Gestational Surrogacy, including commercial, is legal in Russia, and available to practically any adult with the willingness and responsibility to become parents.

  • Russian doctors were among the first in the world to use modern reproductive technologies that date back to 1995. Since then, they have preserved and further developed their knowledge and expertise.
  • Nowadays, Russia is one of the few countries where surrogacy is fully legalized. In fact, it has been regulated by the law since 2013
Legal Issues

According to Russian law, a woman between 20 and 35 years of age and who has at least one healthy child can become a surrogate mother.

In our experience, surrogate mothers are often women raising a child on their own. Contrary to misconceptions, they are usually employed and often have a high level of education. Surrogacy is a great opportunity for them to improve their living conditions and provide an education for their own children. Surrogate mothers often join the program during parental leave. Besides the financial motivation, surrogates are often caring women; they are glad to have an opportunity to help people who are unable to have children through conventional routes

Medical Issues

The law particularly says that medical diligence is mandatory in this country: it should be observed before and throughout the surrogacy program. Before becoming a gestational carrier for anyone, the future surrogate mother has to take at least 20 medical tests and exams. Thorough selection of potential candidates is among the top-priority tasks for the entire Surrogate Baby® team – we shall all be absolutely confident that the future surrogate is fit. She shall be able to carry and give birth to a healthy baby.

At Surrogate Baby, all of the candidates for surrogate mothers (SM) in our Online Database have met the following criteria:

  • Between the ages of 20 to 35
  • Have at least one biological child of their own
  • Undergone vetting using both medical and psychological testing
Process & Reporting
  1. Once the Intended Parents pass their medical tests, we can start our beautiful journey. Together we carefully select a surrogate mother and an egg donor from our database. We help intended parents to choose the best match based on our years of experience. After the selection is made, we take over the rest.
  2. We repeat the complete examination of the surrogate mother to ensure that she is ready to carry and give birth to the baby. After that, Surrogate Baby® helps the mother to make a direct agreement with the parents, which is signed remotely. The contract spells out all of surrogate mother’s responsibilities, and it protects both parties.
  3. The next stage is embryo implantation. After confirmation of pregnancy, we watch nature do the rest and provide support where needed.
  4. After the happy news of a pregnancy is confirmed, the surrogate mother is placed under the caring supervision of a personal curator. For the next nine months, we provide the SM with the best possible level of comfort. The curator is in regular contact with the surrogate mother: he or she provides her emotional support 24/7, coordinates her doctor’s appointments, ensures that she takes all prescription medications and monitors her lifestyle. Together with the curator, the surrogate regularly visits her gynecologist at least once every 2 weeks to take tests, undergo ultrasounds and receive consultations. As the delivery date approaches, doctors observe and support her more often.
  5. From the first to the last day of pregnancy, we stay in contact with the intended parents. Parents receive regular reports on their surrogate mother’s and child’s conditions, pictures of her growing belly, and translated ultrasound and test results. In the third trimester parents will also get a 3D ultrasound, where they can witness the miraculous formation of their baby’s face features. If parents wish so, they can maintain emotional connection with the surrogate mother, meet her during the pregnancy and keep in touch afterwards.
  6. Throughout the pregnancy, the surrogate mother lives with her own children in comfortable conditions – Surrogate Baby® rents a separate apartment where she can enjoy privacy and confidentiality. When it comes to the time of childbirth, the surrogate mother is given the best possible care at a private maternity clinic.

All-Inclusive Surrogacy Packages

Basic Package
Smart economical solution for intended parents from all over the world, both singles and couples



  • One Fertilization (IVF / ICSI) round with biomaterial of Intended Parents
  • Three Embryo Transfer (ET) attempts to selected SM
  • Two years of cryopreservation: frozen embryos storage period
  • Extra fees apply: eventual compensations payable to selected SM for suffering, inconveniences, or risks to her health and wellbeing

* Terms & Conditions apply. Egg Donation cost included, or deductable

Premium Package

Guaranteed all-inclusive package without attempt limits and extra fees



  • Unlimited # of Fertilization (IVF / ICSI) rounds with biomaterial of Intended Parents
  • Unlimited # of Embryo Transfer (ET) attempts until pregnancy of selected SM is confirmed
  • Five years of cryopreservation: frozen embryos storage period
  • No extra charges or additional compensations to the SM
  • No extra fee in case of twins / triplets
  • No extra fee to change the SM in case of miscarriage / missed abortion
  • No extra fee in case of C-section / delivery complications


* Terms & Conditions apply. Egg Donation cost included, or deductable

Two Surrogates Package

Package deal engaging two surrogate mothers simultaneously



  • Two Fertilization (IVF / ICSI) rounds with biomaterial of Intended Parents
  • Three Embryo Transfer (ET) attempts to each of two SMs
  • Three years of cryopreservation: frozen embryos storage period
  • Savings of 10 to 15% compared to purchase of two Basic surrogacy packages
  • Increased embryo implantation rate


* Terms & Conditions apply. Egg Donation cost included, or deductable. Embryos from the same genetic mother / egg donor shall be used for both SMs

Options & Insurance Fees
Additional services and eventual extra costs that may help enhance your surrogacy experience



  • Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) of embryos with gender determination and selection
  • Additional Fertilization (IVF / ICSI) / Egg Donation round
  • Additional Embryo Transfer (ET) attempt
  • Additional year of cryopreservation – storage of frozen embryos
  • Additional year of cryopreservation – storage of frozen sperm


Delivery & Postpartum:

  • Additional compensations to the SM for suffering, inconveniences, or risks to her health and wellbeing
  • Twins / Triplets insurance
  • Miscarriage / Missed abortion insurance
  • Delivery complications / C-section insurance
  • Preterm birth insurance
  • Delivery at Premium maternity clinic
  • and more…



  • Get early access to Online Database to reserve preferred candidates for your upcoming program
  • Try more SM candidates for your program without medical indications
  • Purchase a prepared SM candidate without commitment / starting a contract
  • Personal meeting with selected Surrogate Mother
  • Personal meeting with selected Egg Donor
  • and more…

Fees & Costs within Each Contract Include:

Medical Expenses

Legal Expenses

Administration Expenses

Compensations & Reimbursements

All Taxes, State Duties & Fees

Agency Fee

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