Gestational Surrogacy

All surrogate mother (SM) candidates in the online database are between 20 and 35 years old, rigorously vetted by medical and psychological tests. They must have at least one own child to take part in a surrogacy program.

During pregnancy, the SM is supervised and supported by an appointed coordinator who is available for her 24/7. The coordinator oversees the SM’s medical appointments, controls her lifestyle and living conditions, delivers regular reports on program and pregnancy development to the client.

The client shall use their smartphone to get instant updates – there are a special group chat and an online portal. All medical records, doctor’s reports, and ultrasound scans associated with the pregnancy get uploaded to the portal. The intended parents may also follow SM’s pregnancy through photos and video blog maintained by the agency

All-inclusive Surrogacy Packages

Smart economy solution for intended parents from all over the world, both singles and couples



  • One Fertilization (IVF / ICSI) round with biomaterial of Intended Parents
  • Three Embryo Transfer (ET) attempts to selected SM
  • Two years of cryopreservation: frozen embryos storage period
  • Extra compensations to selected SM: eventually, in case of suffering, inconveniences, risks to health


Guaranteed all-inclusive package without attempt limits and extra fees



  • Unlimited # of Fertilization (IVF / ICSI) rounds with biomaterial of Intended Parents
  • Unlimited # of Embryo Transfer (ET) attempts until pregnancy of selected SM is confirmed
  • Five years of cryopreservation: frozen embryos storage period
  • No extra charges or additional compensations to the SM
  • No extra fee in case of twins
  • No extra fee in case of C-section


* Terms & Conditions apply

Two Surrogates❡

Package deal engaging two surrogate mothers simultaneously



  • Two Fertilization (IVF / ICSI) rounds with biomaterial of Intended Parents, if needed*
  • Three Embryo Transfer (ET) attempts to each of two SMs
  • Three years of cryopreservation: frozen embryos storage period
  • Savings of 10 to 15% compared to purchase of two Basic surrogacy packages
  • Increased embryo implantation rate

❡ Terms & Conditions apply. Egg donation cost is extra

Included Contractual Costs and Fees

Medical Expenses

Legal Expenses

Administration Expenses

Compensations & Reimbursements

All Taxes, State Duties & Fees

Agency Fee

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