Frequently Asked Questions

Before you start – Basic information on surrogacy

Can a friend of mine / a relative take part in my program as a surrogate mother / egg donor?
No, the intended parents are not allowed to engage any friends or relatives in the surrogacy programs operated by Surrogate Baby. No altruistic nor dependant third party may take part in the process because it would compromise the commercial basis of the business relationship and defy the spirit of the Russian law on surrogacy. The agency runs its operations in strict compliance with the national and international standards. We will deliver and take responsibility only for business transactions respecting the balance between the interests of the parties. The agency provides the intended parents with the comprehensive service to match / select an appropriate prepared and tested SM / ED candidate using the online search tools. This service is an integral part of our all-inclusive gestational surrogacy packages.  
What is the maximum age for the people considering surrogacy?
According to the Russian legislation, there is no age limitation for the intended parents commencing a surrogacy program. Surrogacy is considered as an advanced technique among various assisted reproduction methods aimed at the infertility treatment. Nevertheless, our team at Surrogate Baby reserves the right to filter inquiries including but not limited to the age of the potential client and possible risks for the newborn baby.
Which costs and expenses are included in the price of a surrogacy package?
The following costs and expenses, services and fees are covered by our all-inclusive gestational surrogacy contracts: all taxes, state duties and fees, the Agency Fee (flat rate). More specifically the following cost types are included in the total contract amount. The intended parents shall bear additional costs for their initial medical testing (blood tests, urological swabs), as well as their sperm count, freezing and cryopreservation. The cost of egg donation / sperm donation / embryo donation packages is to be paid extra. The embryo transportation package is to be paid extra. Additional contractual fees, additional compensations for various circumstances (contractual liability), options and insurance fees are to be paid extra. Refer to our current schedule of rates for more detailed information.

Starting the process – Agency contract signing

How often do we need to come to Russia?
Normally you should come visit us in Russia at least two times. The first visit (average duration: from 2 to 3 days) is necessary to launch the medical part of your program (you will do the medical tests, deliver your biological material and attend a personal consultation at the fertility clinic) and to negotiate the terms of your agency contract in detail. The most intended parents will also sign the agency contract with us as the result of their first visit to confirm their good intentions and to commence the entire process. The second visit (average duration: from 10 to 30 days) shall be organized shortly before the expected delivery date. Our recommendation is to arrive in Russia a few days or weeks before the delivery to become part of it both physically and emotionally and to get prepared for the future responsibility. Becoming a parent is a truly unique experience. After the delivery, there is a waiting period of 3 to 5 days at the maternity hospital where you can meet your newborn baby (babies) and get the first parenting skills. Once the baby (babies) gets (get) discharged from the hospital, it’s time to go through the legalization process and obtain the required paperwork both with the Russian authorities and the consular section of your embassy / the Consulate General of your home country
How to save money when purchasing a surrogacy program?
You can get a 5% discount on any surrogacy package (combined with any donation and/or transportation package), if you decide to make one upfront payment of the total contract amount. Returning clients that will start another program with us are also eligible to get the discount of 5% on the total contract amount. Refer to the up-to-date agency’s discount policy for more information. Check if there are currently any promotions or special offers available for purchase.

Step 1 – Medical part of the program