Surrogacy legislation varies in different countries around the world. Some of them have laws which allow only uncompensated (altruistic) surrogacy agreements. The others prohibit any usage of surrogacy at all.

Nevertheless, there is a small number of territories and states where compensated (commercial) surrogacy agreements are allowed by law. These countries are of particular interest for international fertility tourists.

Our info graphic world map illustrates the distribution of countries among those categories.

Surrogacy in the world map


Countries where both commercial and altruistic surrogacy is allowed by law:

Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia, Cyprus, India, South Africa, United States (Arkansas, California, Florida, Illinois, Texas, Massachusetts, Vermont)

Countries where only altruistic surrogacy is allowed by law:

Australia, Canada (except Quebec), United Kingdom, Netherlands, Denmark, Hungary, Israel, United States (New York, New Jersey, New Mexico, Nebraska, Virginia, Oregon, Washington)

Countries where all kinds of surrogacy are banned by law:

Germany, France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Estonia, Moldova, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, China, Japan, Canada (Quebec), United States (Arizona, Michigan, Indiana, North Dakota)