Making your dreams come true

Imagine a world where people may freely create their own families the way they like and give love and care to their own children.

Surrogate Baby dreams of the world like that. We hope that you are dreaming of it too.

Because we know how to make your parental dreams come true

Gestational Surrogacy Packages


All-inclusive package, a smart solution for intended parents from all over the world, both singles and couples


Guaranteed all-inclusive package with no attempt limits and no extra charges

Two Surrogates

Package deal engaging two surrogate mothers

Surrogate Baby offers a range of professional services as part of our all-inclusive packages:


Finding best match candidates


Representing client's interests


Coordinating medical part


Managing surrogate's pregnancy


Providing legal support


Administering and reporting

Five Reasons to Make It with Surrogate Baby

Fast and efficient

average program duration is 15 months

Located in Eastern Europe

no need to take long-haul flights

All-inclusive surrogacy packages

no hidden charges and 100% success guarantee

Boutique-level service

perfect matching with the surrogate mother

Best legal practices

full legal support included and no court procedure required

What Our Clients Say

We don’t have enough words to express our deep thankfulness to Surrogate Baby agency to help us to fulfill our family. My partner and I had waited for more than 9 years, used seven different agencies, were in ten different countries to have our daughter now.

Our experience with Surrogacy Baby was fabulous from the very first phone call. Slava spoke to me personally for the initial interview. I was so touched as he said and promised that our program will not be taken longer than 18 months. As he said, our program ended very successfully only after 15 months. We are kind of stunned by how fast it has gone however it doesn’t feel rushed but organized and professional

Eric, Germany

New Arrivals

How We Perform

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clients from all over the world