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❄️ Basic Surrogacy Package for only 46,500 € ❄️

❄️ 1 IVF/ICSI round, 3 ET attempts ❄️

❄️ Online database of ED / SM candidates ❄️

❄️ Online dashboard for the Intended Parents ❄️

❄️ Support by personal manager 24/7 ❄️


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Finding Best Matches

It couldn’t be easier to find an appropriate Surrogate Mother, Egg Donor, or Sperm Donor candidate for your fertility treatment in Russia


Representing Your Interests

The agency is acting on your behalf in order to implement your gestational surrogacy program in Russia


Organizing Medical Part

Setting the agenda of your gestational surrogacy program. We can arrange an appointment with the best assisted reproduction professionals in Russia’s top 10 fertility clinic


Managing Surrogate Pregnancy

Supervision of Surrogate Mother’s pregnancy by a skilled personal coordinator as part of your gestational surrogacy program in Russia


Solving Legal Issues

The Intended Parents will legally obtain parental rights over the baby born in consequence of gestational surrogacy program. Legal support and counselling provided at all times


Minimizing Risks

We cover all kinds of risks that might incur while implementing your gestational surrogacy program in Russia, including payment of all compensations on your behalf

Free Consultation for Intended Parents


The agency proudly offers free online counselling for the Intended Parents from all over the world. For those determined to use our services in the near future, we’ll be happy to arrange a free face-to-face consultation appointment in Saint Petersburg

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Why Consider Surrogacy Program with SBC?

Location & Pricing

For most of Intended Parents from Europe, St. Petersburg is only 2-3 hours away by plane. Our prices are just a half or even a triple what you would pay in the United States

Boutique-Level Service

Our clients enjoy bespoke all-inclusive services with a personal approach for each family project. We certainly don’t have that conveyor-like attitude when it comes to babies

Best Practices

Our doctors have the experience of implementing assisted reproduction technologies of over 25 years. The Russian legislation creates opportunities whereby international clients will be recognized as legal parents of the surrogate-born baby without any court procedure

Company’s Official Standpoint / Официальная позиция Компании

Modern medical technologies have developed to a point where they can be of great help in the treatment of fertility problems. Real assistance to people who want but cannot at the present state of medical science and practice have children is not only possible,...
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Why is surrogacy a good choice?

Surrogacy delivers a chance for families with fertility difficulties, same-sex couples and single Intended Parents to have their own genetically related children using services of a Surrogate Mother and methods of assisted reproductive technology such as in vitro...
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Surrogate Baby at inVITRA Show 2015

Surrogate Baby Consulting (SBC LLC) was proud to be an exhibitor at the International Fertility Fair inviTRA 2015 in Barcelona from May 8th to 10th. @Surrogate_Baby muchas gracias por ser parte de inviTRA 2015. Estamos muy felices por vuestra...
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Gender selection of embryos in Russia

A great number of Intended Parents looking for artificial fertilization and surrogacy services have a question whether gender selection of embryos before implantation is legal and possible in Russia. This post is dedicated to those Intended Parents and contains a...
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Commercial gay surrogacy laws

There are only a few places in the world where same-sex couples can legally make use of commercial surrogacy services. Our info graphic map shows the countries and states where same-sex couples willing to have a child are protected by law in effect. Commercial...
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Surrogacy in Russia as an advantage

Surrogacy is often regarded as an ethically sensitive issue and for that reason it is banned in many countries around the world. There are only a few nations where laws and regulations provide legal opportunities of commercial surrogacy, that is hiring a Surrogate...
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Surrogacy laws by country

Surrogacy legislation varies in different countries around the world. Some of them have laws which allow only uncompensated (altruistic) surrogacy agreements. The others prohibit any usage of surrogacy at all. Nevertheless, there is a small number of territories and...
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