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Surrogate Baby® provides fast and efficient reproductive service for intended parents from every part of the world – for couples, singles, and LGBT parents since 2013. We offer a range of cost-effective and transparent surrogacy solutions, and also the relevant legal and medical services – egg and sperm donation, transportation of biological material, genetic testing, gender selection of embryos, etc.

Gestational Surrogacy Packages

There are four surrogacy programs for you to choose from.
Each includes everything necessary for a successful outcome:

Basic Package

Smart solution for intended parents from all over the world

for all intended parents (singles, couples or LGBT) who’d like to find a cost-effective surrogacy program and assume the risk of eventual extra fees

Premium Package

Guaranteed all-inclusive package without attempt limits and extra fees


for all intended parents (singles, couples or LGBT) willing to secure a success guarantee and cover all eventualities at once

Biparental Package

Economy solution for two intended fathers and one surrogate mother


for two intended fathers who’d like to complete their same-sex family with children in common

Two Surrogates Package

Package deal engaging two surrogate mothers simultaneosly 


for all intended parents (singles, couples or LGBT) looking for a quick way to populate their family with numerous (i.e. two to four) children

We take care of the entire process for you from A to Z.
We are committed to providing a smooth and stress-free experience for our clients:

Finding Best Match Candidates


Representing Client's Interests


Coordinating Medical Part


Managing Surrogate's Pregnancy


Providing Legal Counselling & Support


Administering & Reporting

Five Reasons to Get Started with Surrogate Baby

Fast & Efficient

Average duration of our surrogacy programs is between 12 and 15 months. This year we’ve made a good progress from the original time limit of 18 months.

At Surrogate Baby we make use of the best practices and provide regular reports to the intended parents throughout the entire program. For better results and higher success rates (close to 90 per cent), we suggest you also consider our special services, such as preimplantation genetic diagnosis / screening (PGD / PGS), gender selection of embryos or transportation of biological material from abroad

Located in Eastern Europe

Surrogate Baby administers gestational surrogacy programs in Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Kaliningrad, Russia. For the intended parents living in Europe, all three cities are just a few hours away by airplane, train, bus, or in a private vehicle. But of course, we’re also looking forward to welcoming the intended parents from overseas – Asia, the Americas, Australia and Oceania!

All-inclusive Surrogacy Packages

The total cost of an average surrogacy program by Surrogate Baby is about a half or even a third of the price in America, if compared to the current surrogacy offerings in the United States.

Our commission, the agency fee, is clearly stated in each contract; it cannot be changed. All extra fees, additional expenses and compensations are as well stipulated by the agency contract. Thus, you won’t expect any hidden costs nor nasty surprises when working with us

Boutique-level Service

Surrogate Baby manages own online database of carefully vetted surrogate mothers and egg donors. There we only have hand-picked, organic candidate profiles; and it gets constantly updated and expanded. We’re happy to assist the intended parents in finding their perfect match. 

Our clients obtain full access and may commence selection of appropriate candidates immediately after the contract signing. Normally, it would take us around 60 and up to 90 days to arrange the first fertilisation round (IVF / ICSI), and after that an embryo transfer (ET) to the surrogate mother of your choice

Best Legal Practices

The Russian law system regulates commercial agreements between the surrogate mother and the intended parents very clearly. International clients will get registered as parents of the child at a Russian civil registry office after the birth.

As a rule, the intended parents have to stay for 10 to 20 days after the birth of the child to complete his or her legalisation with the Russian and foreign authorities. In the meantime, you’ll get an Apostille on the notarised Russian birth certificate with the intended parents’ names. After that, you’ll need to apply for the child’s passport or another travel document at your Embassy or Consulate General

What Our Clients Say

We started our program in April 2018 and in January 2019 our son was born healthy. It was a completely complication-free program for us. Of course, we were also lucky that it worked out with the first transfer attempt.

We absolutely recommend the agency Of course, it takes a certain amount of courage to dare the program. Our expectations were absolutely fulfilled and we can recommend it to everyone

A couple from Austria

Make your parental dream come true

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