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Basic Surrogacy Program

All-Inclusive Package 

for intended parents from all over the world, both singles and couples

49,500 €

Our primary role is to help you to reduce your total surrogacy costs and improve your chance of success while offering a full range of services:


Finding Best Matches

  • access to the online database of vetted and tested surrogate mother candidates;
  • providing an appropriate surrogate mother match;
  • organizing medical testing and preparation for the selected surrogate mother



Representing Client's Interests

  • representation during the process, legal attorney fees;
  • drawing up the contract with the selected surrogate mother;
  • process coordination with no limitation and full-time commitment;
  • interpreter services at the fertility clinic, while visiting the surrogate mother during pregnancy and throughout the legalization process;
  • translation of all related documentation throughout the process

Coordinating Medical Part

  • one IVF / ICSI round and two years of embryo cryopreservation at Russia’s TOP 10 fertility clinic located in St. Petersburg;
  • three embryo transfers (ET) to the selected surrogate mother;
  • medical consultations, tests, preparation, ultrasound exams for the selected surrogate mother;
  • initial medical testing, consultation and treatment at the fertility clinic for the intended parents: male – sperm sample cryopreservation, female – controlled ovarian hyperstimulation, ultrasound checks, egg retrieval and aftercare examination

Managing Surrogate's Pregnancy

  • providing pregnancy follow-up, ultrasound screening, prescribed medications, vitamins, dietary supplements, etc;
  • access to the online dashboard for the intended parents to get instant updates and all related documents;
  • psychologist counselling during pregnancy and after the delivery;
  • arranging the delivery and postpartum care at the maternity clinic for the surrogate mother

Providing Legal Support

  • legal support and counselling until leaving back home with the baby;
  • legalization process: certificates, apostilles, notary services, state duties covered;
  • providing the surrogate mother’s signatures fornforeign court process after the program is completed;
  • visa support service

Administering and Reporting

  • support by the personal manager 24/7;
  • maintaining the surrogate mother’s photo / video blog during pregnancy;
  • regular reporting on the surrogacy program / pregnancy development;
  • paying contractual compensations for the selected surrogate mother

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Free consultation for intended parents

The team of Surrogate Baby will be happy to meet prospective clients in order to discuss your family project in detail and show you how we work.

We offer a free tour of the fertility clinic, a doctor’s appointment with the assisted reproduction professional (in St. Petersburg) and a personal consultation on the family law and assisted reproduction technologies at one of our offices (in St. Petersburg or Kaliningrad).

We will gladly send you a visa support letter (tourist voucher) for the Russian consulate and arrange a free transfer from the airport to your hotel upon request

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Why choose Surrogate Baby?

Location & Pricing

The agency implements gestational surrogacy programs in St. Petersburg and Kaliningrad. Both cities are just a few hours away by airplane / train / bus / car for intended parents from Europe

Our packages are moderately priced; those are 200-300% cheaper, compared to surrogacy options in the United States

The final price is fixed by the contract and will not change; that is also different from the US surrogacy providers

Boutique-Level Service

There is no waiting list for clients; we can start the process immediately after the contract signing. It usually takes 2-3 months till the first embryo transfer and about 15-18 months till the delivery

Our clients can enjoy a wide range of additional services and options with personal approach to each family project; incl. customized assisted reproduction technologies, genetic diagnosis and gender selection of embryos

Best Practices

The fertility clinic in St. Petersburg has experience of implementing surrogacy programs of over 20 years

The Russian law system provides regulation on surrogacy relations; international clients will be recognized as the legal parents of the baby at the civil registry office. No court procedure or adoption will be needed in Russia

Baby Boy and Baby Girl. Twins were born in January 2017

Feedback from our clients

We were very relieved when all the necessary documents were issued. Our departure from Russia and homecoming to Germany went smoothly

Without all the support we might not have reached our goal today yet. From the beginning of our collaboration we immediately felt professionalism, confidence and flexibility. We would like to give you a very big THANK YOU for everything you’ve done for us

The interior of the clinic in Saint Petersburg had a very clean and professional look. The very first embryo transfer was positive; we’ve got a confirmation by email just two weeks after the first ET


average embryo transfer success rate

average surrogacy program duration (months)

surrogate babies born for our clients in 2016

surrogate babies born for our clients in 2017

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