Surrogate Baby® is a fast and cost-effective reproductive service for intended parents from any part of the world. It’s available for both couples and singles, regardless of their age or sexual orientation. There is a variety of convenient adjustable gestational surrogacy solutions that incorporate associated medical, legal, and administration costs. Besides, the agency offers the services of egg and sperm donation, transportation of frozen biomaterial, preimplantation genetic screening and gender selection of embryos, finding appropriate surrogate mother (and/or egg donor) candidate, including the Perfect Match™ option

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Gestational Surrogacy Packages

We proudly offer all-in-one solutions, designed for various purposes and family situations.
Each service package contains all essential ingredients for a successful outcome


Smart economy solution for intended parents from all over the world

for all intended parents who’d like to find cost-effective surrogacy program and assume the risk of eventual extra fees


Guaranteed all-inclusive package without attempt limits and extra fees

for all intended parents willing to secure a success guarantee and cover all eventualities at once

Two Surrogates

Package deal engaging two surrogate mothers simultaneously 

for all intended parents looking for a quick way to populate their family with numerous children (from two to four)

Choose a preferred package and start your journey towards the lifetime dream of having a baby.
We’ll take care of every little detail, guiding you through the entire process from A to Z

Finding Best Match Candidates


Representing Client’s Legal Interests


Coordinating Medical Part


Managing Surrogate’s Pregnancy


Providing Counselling & Support


Administering & Reporting

Five Benefits of Surrogate Baby

Fast & Efficient
The average duration of the programs by Surrogate Baby® is between 12 and 15 months. As of 2019, we’ve done a great job to reduce the original time span of 18 months

We are proud that a great number of pregnancies in our programs have been confirmed at once, after the first successful embryo transfer attempt. However, to increase the average success rate and achieve better results more often, it might be reasonable for you to try some of the extras and optional services, e.g. the Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis/Screening (PGD/PGS) that is used after cultivation. It’s a powerful tool for an embryologist that helps to dismiss blastocysts with any kinds of chromosome abnormalities, select the best biomaterial, and determine the gender of each embryo before implantation. 

Our agency is known for implementing the world’s best business practices. One example is a designated account manager to ensure regular reporting to the intended parents throughout the program. In contrast to some of our competitors in this country and abroad, we’re committed to delivering a successful outcome for every project we have initiated. In fact, it always requires some time and some patience to complete all preparations and numerous checks of the candidates, before the medical part of the program can get going

Located in Eastern Europe

Surrogate Baby® conducts business in Russia, including administration of surrogacy programs in the three major cities of Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Kaliningrad

The favorable location attracts a lot of intended parents from the European Union, the United Kingdom, China, and certain countries in the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

The safest and most convenient way of travel is taking a plane to a main international air hub of Moscow or Saint Petersburg; all of them are connected to an extensive route network of local and foreign airlines. Depending on where you come from, the flight time to Russia may vary from one to a few hours. Once you have reached the arrival airport, you’d take a hotel transfer pre-arranged for you by the agency. Alternatively, you may also use the vast transit network of railroads or international bus lines. A few soon-to-be parents prefer driving to Kaliningrad at the end of the program mainly to avoid changing planes and also to take their newborn on a road trip towards the sweet home. Please note that the child travel documents, immigration requirements, and procedures at a land border-crossing point remain the same as at the airport.

Russia has recently introduced the new e-visa entry rules for the individuals of the 53 foreign states. It is a quick, hassle-free, and not expensive way to come on a short visit to Kaliningrad or Saint Petersburg. The launch of the e-visa issue for Moscow, and the rest of Russia, is planned in January 2021

All-inclusive Surrogacy Packages

The total cost of a regular program by Surrogate Baby® is nearly a half, or sometimes a third, of cumulative charges payable for surrogacy in the United States, if one compares similar deals on the global market

The amount of our commission, called the Agency Fee, is explicitly specified in the contract; it is fixed, paid once at the program start, and cannot be changed. Other extras, additional expenses, fees, and compensations are clearly listed in the corresponding Agency contract provisions, appendices, and the valid schedule of rates. All in all, the intended parents are fully protected from any unexpected hidden costs, budget overrun or non-delivery when working with us

Boutique-Level Service

Surrogate Baby® runs its own online database of carefully vetted surrogate mothers and egg donors. We take all necessary steps to protect the privacy of the ladies; therefore, the intended parents obtain the database access and commence the selection of appropriate candidates shortly after the agency contract signing

All contained candidates are unique, with hand-picked profiles and recent adult photos. The content of the DB gets regularly updated and expanded. The intended parents can request additional data or photos of the reserved candidates from their account manager. The Perfect Match™ option is for intended parents who’d like to delegate the selection of the SM to the agency; we perform candidates matching based on professional experience and psychological compatability.

Please note, testing and preparation of the ED and SM candidates last around 2–3 months, or up to 4 months in rare cases requiring specific medical treatment. As soon as both ladies are ready to start, we coordinate our efforts with the clinic to begin an accurate hormonal stimulation of the ED, egg retrieval, and initial round of fertilization – either In-Vitro or using the Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (IVF/ICSI). In the meantime, we draw up and conclude a commercial surrogacy agreement between the selected SM and intended parents. Then, the SM takes the appointment for the first embryo transfer (ET) at the clinic

Best Legal Practices

Commercial surrogacy agreements between the surrogate and the intended parents as individuals are absolutely legal in Russia. After the birth, foreign citizens proceed to a Russian civil registry office to get listed as parents of the child

Normally, new parents need to stay between 10 and 20 days following the birth to complete the legalization, both with the Russian and foreign authorities. The process involves doing all paperwork for the newborn, putting Apostilles and ordering notarized translations on each document. As the next step, the parents have to schedule an appointment at their Embassy or Consulate General and file an application for the child passport or another valid travel document. The last step, after the passport got issued, can be viewed as an extra precaution: the parents shall purchase the return tickets and obtain a Russian exit visa for the newborn; it is the baby’s first-ever to travel home together with the happy parents

Reviews & Testimonials

Eight weeks ago two angels entered into our life. We are very thankful that Surrogate Baby made our dream come true via the Biparental Program. We felt well informed and accompanied throughout the whole year of expectation and the time in Russia. Even though the authorities of our homeland put a lot of obstacles into our journey the Surrogate Baby team supported us with flexible solutions and gave us confidence that everything will turn out fine. And so it did (with a delay)! We can fully recommend Surrogate Baby! 

Greetings from Austria

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